Vehicle Diagnostics

Using the latest technology in vehicle diagnostics tools to trace faults a vehicle.

Our state of the art vehicle diagnostics equipment can help pinpoint and fix faults on your vehicle.

Typical problems resolved with vehicle diagnostics:

  • Poor engine performance.
  • Low fuel economy.
  • Erratic or uneven engine running on idle.
  • Poor or prolonged starting.
  • Engine fault indicators.

Diagnostics can also check for fault codes in:

  • Ignition, starting and battery charging circuits.
  • Fuel supply system and injectors.
  • Lambda (emission), crank and cam sensors.
  • ESP (stability control) and ABS braking system.
  • SRS (airbag) and supplemental safety systems.

If you think your vehicle’s engine performance may be lacking or have a fault indicator showing on your dashboard, ask us to check it on our diagnostics system. We can look up errors stored in your vehicle’s ECU to pinpoint where the fault is being reported from.